Our Seafood

Poseidon Group International procures, processes, distributes and supplies premium seafood such as bluefin tuna and toro (fatty tuna), yellowtail, crab meat, albacore tuna, sea bream and salmon. Our worldwide network makes it possible to deliver the highest quality products.


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Albacore Loin

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Our Beef

Poseidon Group International supplies a wide variety of beef products, such as premium Wagyu beef, American beef and hybrid of black angus and Wagyu from Australia, as well as our own processed beef products that are sliced for shabu shabu, steaks and other dishes.

Authentic Wagyu

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Australian Beef

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US Beef

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Poseidon Group Network

With our motto, “Safety of Food, Joy of Eating”, and through our group network in the United States, Japan, Korea, China and Canada, the Poseidon Group continues to pioneer and develop modity foods and products worldwide. We ensure the safety and quality of our products by having our group network manage all aspects of our flow, including purchasing, processing, distribution and sales.

We are driven to deliver the most delicious and safe food products to our customers by maximizing our petitive advantage and having our own network manage all aspects of logistics.

Kaijin Trading Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Headquarters

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Kaijin Trading Co., Ltd.
Amakusa Kyushu Factory

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Tokio Japan Ltd.
Tokyo Japan

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Tokio International Co., Ltd.
Seoul Korea

Our Restaurant "Wadatsumi"

Poseidon Group not only supplies ingredients internationally, but we are also striving to spread Japanese cuisine globally through our own restaurant. Currently with multiple locations in the United States, Singapore and Japan, our restaurant Wadatsumi offers a wide variety of items on its menu with top quality ingredients. And as we directly own the restaurant, we are able to flexibly adjust the ingredients and styles of our dishes to suit any need for any occasion or patrons’ preferences.

Poseidon Group International, Inc.

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